April 2017

Billings JATC Sub-Committee
Union                                                     Management
Greg Ratzlaff (406) 860-9751          Brent Burton (406) 748-4048
Randy Krell (406) 208-3510            Dave Hawkins (406) 591-0195
Trent Sampson (406) 208-2487     Bruce Hill (406) 208-3649

July 18, 2017 7:05 PM
Our game is scheduled for Tuesday evening, July 18th in the 329 Club which includes food and beverages like sliders, mini tacos and hot dogs, nachos, etc. Water and soft drinks are provided. Beer is available for purchase from the servers or you can help yourself to the concessions beer venders. Local 532 Members and Retirees are welcome to reserve up to 4 tickets each. Give the hall a call to reserve yours now.

IBEW Local 532
Nominations will be held on May 10, 2017, at 5200 Midland Road (Local 532) in Billings, Montana at 7 p.m.
Nominations will be held on May 17, 2017, at 422 East Mendenhall (Labor Temple) in Bozeman, Montana at 7:00p.m.
No member shall be nominated for office unless he/she is present or signifies their willingness to run in writing.
Per the L.U. Bylaws, “At the meeting of the Local Union when nominations are made, after nominations are closed, the President shall appoint an election judge and as many tellers as are required, who shall serve as an Election Board to conduct the election. No candidate for any office shall be eligible to serve on this Board.”
All provisions of the IBEW Constitution, Article XVI, and the Local Union By-Laws will be followed relating to nominations and elections.
All voting will be by mail ballot, which will be sent to you the first part of June 2017. All members in good standing and qualified shall be entitled to vote.

Billings Offices:                                                                        List of Bozeman Offices:
President                                                                                   Chairman
Vice President                                                                          Vice Chairman
Recording Secretary                                                               4 Executive Committee Members
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
3 Executive Board at Large


Local 532 Building Corporation
The Annual Meeting of Local 532 Building Corp. was on Saturday, February 27, 2017 at 9:00 AM. The meeting did not have a quorum, so no official business was held.

Has your personal status changed recently?
Are you newly married?
A friendly reminder to all members regarding your beneficiary information. You may want to contact IBEW Pension and Eighth District Electrical Benefit Fund and Eighth District Pension & Annuity to update your beneficiaries.

Local 532 IBEW
Graduating Class
May 25, 2017
Dan DeBolt
Adam Ericson
Derek Hoerner
Josh Kiilsgaard
Kris Meredith
Austin Rogers
Ronald Story III
Robert Teter
Daniel Tracey
Jacob Williams

In Memorium
Roger Stewart, Jry Wireman Passed away 1/10/17
DelRoy Banach, Jry Wireman Passed away 1/22/17

Brandi & Brandon Tinnes Boy—April 4

Lots of wearables for sale right now…New hat design, Green and Orange Hi-Vis T’s, Moose T-Shirts, Eighth District T-Shirts in short and long sleeves, Navy Hoodies, Men’s Long Sleeve Henley’s, Lady’s t’s, too. We still have a few Local 532 Hitch Covers. 2017 Pocket calendars are still available, as well as pocket protector’s for your due’s receipt.

2017 CEU Class Schedule
Solar/Grounding – Mar 11, 2017 LU 532 Training Center (8 Hours Code Related)
Motor Control – Mar 18, 2017 Bozeman Labor Temple (8 Hours Code Related)
2017 NEC Significant Code Changes Part 1—April 18 & 20th LU 532 Training Center, 6-9 PM (8 Hours Code Related)
2017 NEC Significant Code Changes Part 2—April 25 & 27th LU 532 Training Center, 6-9 PM (8 Hours Code Related)
NFPA 70E—April 29, 2017 LU 532 Training Center (8 Hours Code Related)
All Classes Listed are at the Local 532 Billings Training Center, unless stated otherwise. These classes usually fill up fast, don’t wait till the last minute, sign up early.

2017 Contract Negotiations:
Montana Statewide Outside Construction, Line & Gas
Bozeman Inside
Bozeman Residential
Billings Light Commercial
Bozeman Light Commercial
Rocky Mtn Contractors Outside Teledata
MT Line Clearance
Yellowstone Valley REA
Rosebud Operating Services Inc.
PE Nash, Inc.

Contact Us
Give us a call if you see something in this newsletter you have a question about….
P.O. Box 80005
Billings, MT 59108
(406) 248-9119
Visit us on the web at www.ibew532.com
Facebook: IBEW532

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