Current Affair June 2016

NEW ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER…On April 1, Steve Roll came on as   Jeff’s Assistant Business Manager.  Some of you know Steve from his years as an instructor in Helena and various Journeyman Upgrade Classes for MEJATC.  Steve has been spending time in the office, learning his  around, introducing himself to members as they come in and becoming familiar with all our agreements.  If you haven’t been in to the hall lately, stop and say hi and welcome him to the Local administrative staff.

UPGRADE CLASSES…  Classes are over for the year.  If anyone needs last minute CEU’s, you will need to obtain them online.  You can call the hall for available sites.

LOCAL 532 BILLINGS MUSTANGS GAME…We are scheduled to have the 329 Club on the evening of  June 30th.  That’s a Thursday night.  For those new to this event, the 329 Club is a special designated area of Dehler Park with umbrella table seating, as well as stadium seating along left field.  Food and drinks are made available to us shortly after 7:00 and  game time is around 8:05.  Foods usually served include sliders, mini tacos and hot dogs, nachos, etc.  Water and soft drinks are provided.  Beer is available purchase from the servers or you can help yourself to the concessions beer venders.  Members are welcome to reserve up to 4 tickets each.  Give the hall a call to reserve yours now.

IBEW International Convention—St. Louis, MO  September 19-23, 2016

Delegates:  Jeff Neitzel, Wade Michaels

Alternates:  Kris Fraser, Mick Krivec


The Local would like to present these pins at the following meeting schedule:
5 Year Pins—July Regular Meeting 25 & 30 & 35 Year Pins—Oct Regular Meeting
10 Year Pins—Aug Regular Meeting 40 & 45 Year Pins—Nov Regular Meeting
15 & 20 Year Pins—Sept Regular Meeting 50 & 60 Year Pins—Special Years of Service Luncheon, Date TBD.
Local 532 would like to present pins to Local 532 members who are eligible to receive a service pin in the year 2016.  If you are unable to attend, please call the hall to arrange another time or place to receive your pin.  If you believe that this information is incorrect or if you did not receive past pins, please call the hall we can make arrangements to get those pins to you.

5 YEAR PINS: Dylan Bandy, Jared Berry, Steven Blair, Tyler Crawford, Ciara Cuellar, Cody DeRudder, Braden DeVries, Michael DuBell, Jonathan Easley, Eric Eliasson, Jason Gieser, Sam Giovetti, Cory Glumbik, Nicholas Harada, Jason Heathman, Jerry Jacobs, Logan McDonald, Michael Ogburn, Ryan Petrik, Leonard Pike, Ryan Schnitzmeier, Albert Searles, Scott Siemers, Dakota Wahl

10 YEAR PINS:  Kirk Banderob, Cameron Bjornstad, Bryon Edwards, Russell Foster, Chad Garza, Daren Green, Jake Hould, Cody Houska, Michael Kane, Ian Martinez, Clint Robinson, Steven Roll, John Rudolph, Carl Sgrignoli, Nathan Tabbert, Robert Wellman, John A. Woodard

15 YEAR PINS:  Bruce Dick, Anthony Halsne, Chris Hurtt, Garett Sorrells

20 YEAR PINS:  Mark Brastrup, Jerome Brown, Shane Driscoll, Brian Fisher, Larry Hanson, Heath Heigis

25 YEAR PINS:  Gary Dunaway, Rick Hedges, Tom Kelly, Vern Kuehner, Jack Mattson, Garry Ratzlaff, Bruce Restad, Gale Shepherd, Mike Stookey

30 YEAR PINS:  Steve Erb

35 YEAR PINS:  Alan Anseth, Dwight Fischer, Dean Hill, Randy Leifert, Dan Shaules, Wade Strietmatter, Kathy Teter, David Wolf

40 YEAR PINS:  Tom Adams, Thomas Bowen, Marc Gaines, Dave Hawkins, David Kirby, Brian Lombardozzi

45 YEAR PINS:  Doug Braun, Lavone Forsch, Frank Neiss, Wilmer Reinhardt, Thomas Sullivan

50 YEAR PINS:  Emmett Ken, David Michaels, Donald Regli, Pat Vaughn

60 YEAR PINS:  Lou Harwood, David Weaver

Congratulations to our LU 532 MEJATC



The IBEW Local 532 Retiree Club will meet on June 14th at the Western Emporium at 9:00 a.m.   Duane Kramer will chair the meeting.  Ken Spaulding will give a talk on the Relay for Life Event.  They need volunteers for the dates of July 7, 8 & 9th.  September 10th has been set as the date for the Local 532 Car Show. Anyone interested in helping or showing a car let me know.
Dave Weaver

Update From Ratification:
Billings Inside Agreement: 2 Year Agreement. $.85 increase to wages first year & $.90 2nd year for a total of $32.74 effective June 1, 2016 & $33.64 effective June 1, 2017. Contractors agreed to pay for the H&W increase of $.20 on Jan. 1, 2017. If additional monies are needed, contractors agreed to pay for 70% of the first $.20 if needed during the term of the contract. 8th Dist. Pension increased $.07 per year. $2.69 effective 6/1/16, $2.69 effective 6/1/17. 401K changed to $.05 intervals and maximum allowed by IRS.
Bozeman Inside: 1 Year Agreement. $.50 increase which was voted by the members to put $.31/hr toward wages which would equal $29.00 effective 6/1/16 and the additional $.19/hr toward the Personal Care Account (PCA) which would equal $.44/hour. The contractors agreed to pay the $.20 increase to H&W on Jan. 1, 2017. Subsistence increased to $75/day and $85/day in Big Sky/Yellowstone areas. 401K changed to $.05/hr intervals and maximum allowed by IRS.
Billings Residential: 2 Year Agreement. Wages increased to $24.17 effective 6/1/16 and $24.80 effective 6/1/17.
Bozeman Residential: 1 Year Agreement. Wages increased to $20.48 effective 6/1/16. Sub. increased to $75/day & $85/day if in Big Sky/West Yellowstone area.

2016 Contract Negotiations:  Project Telephone Agreement, Montana Statewide Sound Agreement, Billings Builders Exchange Agreement, Mechanical Technology, Inc. Agreement, Cedar Canyon Enterprises Agreement, PE Nash, Inc. Agreement




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