January 2012 Newsletter


Annual Building Corp. meeting:  Saturday February 11, 2012, 9:00 AM.   Place: 5200 Midland Road.

 TAXES – IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN – Call or stop by for your 2011 Yearly Dues and Assessments Report for taxes from the hall.


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Kelly Stolp as Local 532’s Assistant / Membership Development Coordinator.  Kelly has lots of ideas and enthusiasm for strengthening  Local 532’s membership numbers.



Daniel Oderifero                480-307-1612  

Snuggy Beck                          406-672-5831

Trent Sampson                    406-628-5821

If anyone else is interested is serving on this committee in the future, please contact the Local, President Krum, or one of the Labor committee members.



Kevin Titus          YECO     406-281-1384

Dave Hawkins     T.S.E       406-256-8200

Brent Burton      CEI          406-748-4048


2012 Pocket planners are available at the Local.

We still have hats in those Griz and Cat colors for $15.

No-Dogs are available for $13.50 and we have more Mag-Levels on order.


Proposals for the  Billings Inside and Residential agreements will be on February 11th, after the  Local 532 Building Corporation meeting. Proposals for the Bozeman Inside and Residential agreements will be following the regular Bozeman Unit meeting on February 15, 2012. REMEMBER*** All Proposals must be submitted in writing prior to the start of the meeting. 

 Upcoming Agreement Opening Dates:

Asplundh Tree–Negotiations Ongoing

Montana Line Clearance – Ongoing

YVEC – Ongoing

Billings Inside – Opens 3/1/12

Billings Residential – Opens 3/1/12

Bozeman InsideOpens 3/1/12

Bozeman ResidentialOpens 3/1/12


Delegates to the 38th IBEW International Convention approved amendments to Article IX, Section 2 of the IBEW Constitution. Accordingly, effective January 1, 2012 and effective January 1, 2014 there will be a per capita increase of two dollars ($2.00) for all members. The amendment is as follows:

Section 2.  The monthly per capita tax for each member, including each member on participating withdrawal, shall be as follows:

1/1/11             1/1/12             1/1/14

$13                 $15                 $17

The amendment further states that there shall be an additional one dollar ($1.00), effective January 1, 2016 should the IBEW fail to meet membership growth projections (1% annually) as of June 30, 2015, as reported in the Calibre CPA Group, PLLC Financial Forecast and Projection.

CONTINUING EDUCATION:  The JATC has all the updated classes approved from the state. An individual will need a minimum 16 CEU’s – (8) code and (8) industry related or all (16) can be code, to be completed by July 15, 2012. If you are interested in a class please stop by the hall or call to get your name on the signup sheet.  You can find a list of upcoming classes on the local’s website.  The following classes are currently scheduled:

Lead Renovation, Repair & Painting Certification – 8 Hours Industry – Billings – Class Date TBD

CSTOP Refresher – Billings – January 7, 2012

Asbestos Awareness – 8 Hours Industry – Billings – January 28, 2012  8-5 P M

NEC 2011 Significant Code Changes Part 1 – 8 Hours Code – Billings – Changed to:  Thursday and Friday,  Feb. 2 & 3rd,  5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Class Full – Sign up for waiting list or 2nd class to be scheduled)

Understanding Freq. Drives – 8 Hours Code (Good for WA Credits) – Billings 2/4/2012 – 8 AM – 5 PM (Class Full – Sign up for waiting list or 2nd class to be scheduled)

NEC 2011 Significant Changes Part 1 – 8 Hours Code – Bozeman – 4/7/2012 – 8 AM – 4:30 PM

Coyne First Aid – 8 Hours Industry – Billings – 4-28-2012 8 AM – 5 PM

Stand Alone Solar & Building Automation – 8 Hours Pending – Bozeman – 4/28/2012 – 8 AM – 4:30 PM

Stand Alone Photovoltaics – 4 Hours MT/WA Pending – Billings – 5/5/2012 8 AM – 12 PM

Building Automation Intro – 4 Hours MT/WA Pending – Billings – 5/5/2012 1 PM – 5 P M

IBEW Chili Cookoff/Feed:   January 21, 2012 at the Local 532 Training Center from 1:00 to 5:00 PM.    $10 per entry,  payouts to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Open to all members, family members and retirees of Local 532.    If you are interested in entering, please contact the hall to sign up.  All members and family members and retirees are welcome to come down to sample and vote on their favorite, even if you don’t have any entry… Beverages will be provided.

2011 LOCAL 532 BIG BUCK CONTEST Results:

1st Place:  Jason Krum; 2nd Place:  Russell McNeel; 3rd Place:  Wade Michaels.   Thanks to those who participated.  We hope to have more entrants next year!

NEW WAYS TO PAY:  Local 532 now has ACH (automatic check holding) services available to our membership. This means no worries about remembering to pay your union dues every month and no need to write a check.  Call Shelly if you are interested in signing up.

Local 532 also accepts payment by credit/debitcards(VISA/MasterCard/Discover) for your union dues and merchandise purchases.  A transaction  fee  of  $2/per $40 charged will be added for this convenience to cover the credit card companies’ fees. 

 ATTENTION LOCAL 532 COSTCO CARD HOLDERS:  Costco is no longer offering a price break in our annual membership fees.  We will be discontinuing this program in 2012.  From this point on, you can renew your card directly as COSTCO.  Thank you all for participating in the past. 

MEJATC – Gary Pemble will be retiring as Director of MEJATC in January of 2012. Mitch Hegman will be taking over that position  We thank Gary for his many years of service and wish him well in his retirement. Gary will be working for the JATC as a consultant in the coming year.

Coordinator’s Corner

December 20, 2011  – Montana Electrical JATC

As we head toward the New Year many exciting Journeyman upgrade classes are on the schedule. Understanding frequency drives is one that will start on January 7th in Helena, then other cities around Montana. This class will have many modern frequency drives that will be modulated by various sensors and controlling different size motors. Each frequency drive will need to be programmed for these variations which make for a real world application. Ultimately to make for an enjoyable JW class!

 With the convenience of the Montana Electrical JATC website you can see the classes, dates, and the credits available for Montana and Washington State. To get to the schedule visit our website at http://mtelectricaljatc.org then go to the JW Upgrade tab on the left. We also post the CEU classes coming soon on the home page. There will be additional classes scheduled for Photovoltaic install in Billings and Kalispell soon. I want to thank everyone that has registered with our website, this will help us keep in contact with you for the latest developments at the MEJATC.

 A few other projects are in the early stages of development while some are coming to completion. One project we are particularly looking forward to is the wind and dual axis pole mount photovoltaic system that is currently being designed for construction at the MEJATC. The wind portion is a 2500 watt turbine called the energy ball that stands approximately 48 feet tall and has a unique design. Projects currently under construction are the MEJATC building for Craft certification and the Solar mobile trainer. Both of these projects are wrapping up and will be ready for use in the next few months.

 John Colley

 MEMBERSHIP DATABASE:  We are updating our database to add email addresses.  Please contact the hall if you have an email address. 

Thanks to all of you and we hope you have a safe and happy 2012.

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