January 2013 Newsletter


Annual Building Corp. meeting:  Saturday February 16, 2012, 11:00 AM.   Place: 5200 Midland Road.

 IBEW Chili Cookoff/Feed:  The 2nd Annual IBEW Local 532 Chili Cookoff/Feed has been slated for February 16, 2013 at the Local 532 Training Center directly after the Local 532 Building Corp Meeting.  Just like last year, those wishing to enter their prize winning chili recipe in the contest will throw $10 in the kitty.  1st – 3rd places will be paid out accordingly.  Open to all members, family members and retirees of Local 532.    If you are interested in entering, please contact the hall to sign up.  All members and family members and retirees are welcome to come down to sample and vote on their favorite, even if you don’t have any entry… Beverages will be provided.  Since we are coinciding with the Building Corp Meeting this year we hope to have a much larger turnout. 

TAXES – IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN – Call or stop by for your 2012 Yearly Dues and Assessments Report for taxes.



Tad Hoke                             406-861-7255  

Snuggy Beck                                    406-672-5831

Trent Sampson                    406-628-5821



Kevin Titus          YECO     406-281-1384

Dave Hawkins     T.S.E       406-256-8200

Brent Burton      CEI          406-748-4048



2013 Pocket planners are available at the Local.

We still have a few hats in Griz colors for $15.

No-Dogs are available for $13.50 and we have  Mag-Levels for $32.

We still have ladies T’s for $13.50/ men’s T’s for $16.50/$17 and hoodies for $40.


Proposals for the Bozeman Inside and Residential agreements will be on February 20th, following the regular Bozeman Unit meeting on February 20th, 2013. REMEMBER*** All Proposals must be submitted in writing prior to the start of the meeting. 


Upcoming Agreement Opening Dates:

Bozeman InsideOpens 3/1/13

Bozeman ResidentialOpens 3/1/13


Billings Inside:  $.65 increase June 1, 2013.  There will be a vote immediately following the regular April union meeting to determine where to apply the increase.



Delegates to the 38th IBEW International Convention approved amendments to Article IX, Section 6 of the IBEW Constitution. Accordingly, effective January 1, 2013 and January 1, 2015, there will be a Pension Benefit Fund increase of one dollar ($1.00) for all “A” members. The amendment is as follows:

Section 2.  Each “A” member and each “A” member on Participating Withdrawal Card shall pay monthly to the Pension Benefit Fund:

            1/1/13             1/1/15

            $15                 $17

MONTHLY DUES PAYING OPTIONS:  More and more members are taking advantage of Local 532’s ACH (automatic check holding) services. This means no worries about remembering to pay your union dues every month and no need to write a check.  Call Shelly if you are interested in signing up.

Credit/Debit payments by credit/debit cards are also accepted either in person or over the phone for your union dues and merchandise purchases.  A transaction fee  of  $2/per $40 charged will be added for this convenience to cover the credit card companies’ fees. 


CONTINUING EDUCATION:  There are currently 4 Classes scheduled this year with more classes and dated to follow.  If you wish to attend any of the classes listed here or and classes listed on our website in the future, please call the hall and reserve your spot.

OSHA 10 – Friday, 2/1/13 5:00 – 9:00 PM & Saturday, 2/2/13  8:00 AM – 3:00 PM ***Note this is a 2-day class

First Aid/CPR – Saturday, 2/23/13  8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Grounding and Bonding 2011 NEC – Saturday, 3/16/13  8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

2011 Significant Code Changes NEC, Part II – Saturday, 4/6/13

2012 LOCAL 532 BIG BUCK CONTEST Results:

The $ and ribbons were awarded at the 532 Christmas party on December 14th.  They were as follows:  1st Place Muley:  Russell McNeel; 2nd Place Muley:  Wade Michaels; 1st Place White Tail:  Larry Petersen.  Jason Krum and Marty Wollenburg received ribbons for participating.  Thanks to all our great hunters of Local 532 


LINECO:  (The following minutes were sent to us by Lineco Trustee, Michael Byrd, Local 111)

The LINECO Trustee Meeting was held on December 4th and 5th, 2012

 Hello Everyone,

 We heard 17 appeal cases.  2 Cases concerning Mental Health,  6 cases concerning work related instances, 4 cases concerning if a procedure was medically necessary and various others.

At the end of November we had 30,711 participants in LINECO with 72,698 belly buttons covered.

We received the following report:   Medical Trends were up 8.5%; Dental Trends were up 6%; Prescriptions Trends were up 4%; Vision Trends were up 3%; PPO (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) Fees Trends up 8.5%; Active Members to Retirees stand at 16.3 to 1;  Fund Operating and Office Expenses Trends up 3%.

I want to let you know the Trustees decided the Construction side of LINECO would see no increase in contributions in 2014.

The utility side of LINECO would see a change from 120% more than the construction side to 125% more than the Construction side. This means the utility rate will increase from $6.00 to $6.25 per hour or a $47.50 per month increase. So the new monthly utility contribution rate for January 1, 2014 will be $1,087.50. The utility side of business was paying in less than one dollar for each dollar they spent.

The Retirees will see an increase in their monthly rates effective on January 1, 2013:

Med        Change   Med/Den/Vis   Change

Single no Medicare:           

$633       $44                $657           $46

Single with Medicare:         

$226       $7                  $244           $7

Both w/o Medicare:          

$1,266    $88                $1,314       $96    

Both with Medicare:           

$452       $14                $488          $18

1 with/1 w/o Medicare:

$859       $51                $901          $58    


Please keep in mind the Retiree’s rates are being subsidized by at a 50% rate of what they actually cost the Fund.


The COBRA Payers will see an increase in their monthly rates effective on January 1, 2013:


Current Rates        New Rates         Increase

Reg./Util.               Reg./Util.           Reg./Util.


 $743 /$1,087       $796 /$1,121      7.1% / 3.1%


 $811 /$1,169       $867 /$1,205       6.9% / 3.1%


$815/ N/A            $871 /N/A           6.9% /N/A


On November 27th the Office handled over 900 calls. This was a record for the office.


The Trustee Meetings for 2013 are set for:

          March 21st and 22nd

          July 11th and 12th

          September 26th and 27th

          December 5th and 6th



HURRICANE  SANDY RELIEF:  Congratulations to the Outside Unit members of PAR and Northwestern  Energy  who were recognized by the Public Service Commission last month for their participation in the restoration efforts on the east coast after Hurricane Sandy. 


BILLINGS MUSTANGS 2013 SEASON:  It’s a done deal.  We have reserved the “329 Club” at Dehler Park for the Mustang game on August 25th.  Each member is entitled to 4 tickets.  The 329 Club includes Patio umbrella tabled seating in left field, food, pop, water.  More information to follow in the Spring newsletter.


HEALTH FAIRIf anyone would like the local to put on any type of health fair, please call the hall.  We will try and set something up based on interest.



Free Local 532 St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts will be given out the first 36 members that sign in at the March union meeting.



We are updating our database to add email addresses.  Please contact the hall if you have an email address. 

 Thanks to all of you and we hope you have a safe and happy 2013.

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