January 2017

ANNUAL BUILDING CORPORATION MEETING: FEBRUARY 25TH AT 9:00 AM at Local 532 Training Center. All members may attend.
2017 UPGRADE CLASSES… Classes are scheduled for the first few months in 2017. Check the list on page 3. Call the hall at your earliest convenience to sign up as some class sizes are limited.
2016 CHRISTMAS PARTY… A great time was had by all. We had a great turn out this year and lots of good food catered by Tiny’s Tavern and The Chalet Market and of course Costco! Thank you to the guys in the office for setting up the tables, hanging the lights and festive decorations. Thank you to the late stayers for helping clear up the left overs and then putting up the tables and chairs! It is a group effort and we thank you all.
RETIREE CLEANUP DAYS…Thank you to all the retirees who came out the week of the Christmas Party to get our Training Center spruced up. They did an awesome job and cleaned out the small office, small classroom and the upstairs storage area.
2017 CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS… Several contracts will be opened for negotiations in 2017. Check out the list on the back page of your newsletter.

The Retiree Group is hosting a Valentine’s Lunch at 3 North Bar and Grill at 11:30 on February 14th, 2017. All retirees and their significant other are welcome. Please contact Ken Spaulding 406-670-9386 if you are interested so they can get a good idea for a headcount.
Retiree’s Valentine’s Luncheon
Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017, 11:30 AM
3 North Bar and Grill, 8369 MT Hwy 3, Acton, MT

2017 SERVICE PINS…There are quite a few members receiving service pins in the year 2017. Pins will be presented to members at regular meetings again this year. Check out below to see if you are included.

Local 532 Would like to present these pins at the following meeting schedule:
5 Year Pins—Feb Regular Meeting 25 Year Pins— June Regular Meeting
10 Year Pins—Mar Regular Meeting 30 & 35 Year Pins—July Regular Meeting
15 Year Pins—Apr Regular Meeting 40 & 45 Year Pins—Aug Regular Meeting
20 Year Pins—May Regular Meeting 50+ Year Pins—Presented at Retiree Luncheon, Date TBD

RETIREMENT WORKSHOPS…Two retirement workshops have been scheduled at the Local Training Center. February 27th at 6PM will focus on preparing to retire. February 28th at 6PM will focus on asset allocation and common pitfalls to investing. Both workshops are being presented by Prudential Retirement who manage our 8th District Annuity and 401K accounts. Please call the hall to RSVP as snacks/food will be provided. All members and spouses are invited to attend these useful & important workshops.

Local 532 would like to present pins to Local 532 members who are eligible to receive a service pin in the year 2017. If you are unable to attend, please call the hall to arrange another time or place to receive your pin. If you believe that this information is incorrect or if you did not receive past pins, please call the hall we can make arrangements to get those pins to you.

Allen, Chad
Babcock, Lucas
DeBolt, Dan
Garcia, Patrick
Hoerner, Derek
McAllister, Shane
Storey, Ronald
Teter, Robert
Walker, Josh
Williams, Jacob

Bailly, Jerome
Butcher, Brannon
Carr, Nicholas
Carroll, David
Cochran, Leonard
Cowley, Daniel
Crowder, Aaron
Dasinger, Thomas
Hardy, Shane
Harriet, Pierre
Hoke, Tad
Jacobson, Gary
Johnson, Ryan
Kemp, Jeffrey
Keough, Jason
Kraft, Troy
Lindeen, Nick
Little Dog, Kenneth
McAdory, John
10 YEARS Cont.
McGinnis, Eric
Morris, David
Mort, Jeffrey
Nelson, Luke
Nichols, Robert
Peterson, Kevin
Ricci, Ryan
Rolandson, Tyler
Sanders, Lonnie
Schmidt, Michael F
Sharp, Jordan
Sims, Mitchell
Staehnke, Budd
White, Willliam
Williams, John
Wood, Josh
Yaeger, Barry

Appell, Thane
Brown, Daniel
Butsch, Jeremy
Chaffee, Troy
Costello, Sean
Fatouros, Joshua
Koch, Jamie
Krell, Kenneth
Reinhardt, Greg
Rudio, Michael
Thatcher, Wes
Thiel, Robert
Thomas, Logan
Tracy, Shane
Berube, Darold
Boe, Michael
Brown, Jennifer
Brown, Kirk
Deford, Duane
Dehaven, Jason
Green, Corey
Johnson, Troy
Metzger, Warren
Mitchell, Dennis
Nowak, Thomas
Petty, Brian
Sayre, Rick
Snyder, Thomas
Wilken, Bryan
Wilson, Henry

Eide, James
Haburchak, Robert
Huebner, Lee
Jonasen, Randy
Lesh, Joseph
Lind, Jason
Newbury, Douglas
Potter, Daniel
Severin, Randy
Viig, Edward
Wilson, Jeffrey

Cogburn, Mike
Krivec, Michael

Ayre, David
Hayes, Jim
Heifrin, Larry
Schaeffer, Brian
Schrum, Arlyn
Wirtz, Donald

Hodges, Jeffrey
Mastandrea, Timothy
Stafford, Richard

Becker, James
Brown, William
Carlson, Kim
Holmes, Maurice
Hughes, Russell
Koch, Allan
Kramer, Duane
Lindeman, Conrad
Lokken, Mikkel
Lombardozzi, James
Meyer, Michael
Nelson, Kenneth
Ross, Tim
Schultz, Michael
Watson, Roger
Wilson, OD
Becker, Gary
Beslanowitch, Gary
Hollister, Robert
Moseman, Richard
Nash, Neal
Spaulding, Kenneth
Storud, Rollin

Mortensen, Donald

Hundtoft, Palmer
Kopp, Clement

Herzog, James
Strobbe, AM

Randall, Lee
2017 Contract Negotiations:
Montana Statewide Sound

Rosebud Operating Svcs.

Asplundh Tree
Yellowstone Valley REA

PE Nash, Inc.
Billings Light Commercial

Bozeman Inside
Bozeman Light Commercial

Bozeman Residential

MT Statewide Outside Line/Gas

MT Statewide Line Clearance
Rocky Mountain Contractors Outside Teledata

2017 CEU Class Schedule
Motor Controls – February 18th, 2017 (8 Hours Code Related) Limited to 12 seats
Solar & Grounding—March 11th, 2017 (4 hours Code each)
Motor Controls—March 18th, 2017 Bozeman Labor Temple
NFPA 70E – April 25th, 2017 (8 Hours Code Related)
20147 NEC Significant Code Changes Part 1—May??? (To Be Determined)
All Classes Listed are at the Local 532 Billings Training Center, unless stated otherwise. These classes usually fill up fast, don’t wait till the last minute, sign up early.
2017 IBEW International Dues Increase
The Delegates of the 39th IBEW International Convention, which was conducted in St. Louis Missouri, during the week of Sept. 19-23, 2016, approved several amendments to Article IX of the IBEW Constitution. Accordingly, effective Jan. 1, 2017, there will be an increase of two dollars ($2.00) for the IBEW Pension Benefit Fund (PBF) contribution, which applies to “A” members only. There will be no change in the per capita that is paid to the General Fund, and there fore, the rate for all “BA” members shall remain the same. The following rates will apply to the international office portion of all monthly dues payments for January 2017:
A Members        BA Members          FP—Fee Payers
Per Capita $18.00                  $18.00                     $18.00
Pension      $18.00              Not Applicable          Not Applicable
Total:          $36.00             $18.00                         $18.00

The Local portion of your monthly dues remains the same. (Example: Jry Wireman= $18 Per Cap + $18 PBF + $9 Local = $45)
If you have any questions, please feel free to call the hall to clarify.
In Memoriam

LaVonne Forsch 12/22/2016—Retired Journeyman Wireman
Bobbie Budell 12/30/2016—Tree Trimmer– Davey Tree Steward

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