Outside Referral and Re-Sign

Local 532 Outside Referral and Re-Sign Rules (Line, Gas, Teledata) Effec. 06-01-2012.  Original Sign-up – All applicants for employment must initially sign the out-of-work list either in person or by fax. If signing by fax, current dues receipt, or verifiable documentation of qualifications, original signature, current phone numbers, date and time fax sent and copy of your current CDL or applicable licenses.

2.  Dispatch – All line and gas calls will be dispatched by phone between 8 and 10 A.M. MST to the phone numbers given by you. You must be personally available to accept a call as there will be no call-backs. Dispatches can be mailed or faxed to the contractor.

The Business Manager is responsible to fill calss in a timely manner as needed by the Employers. This means in an emergency, referrals may have to be made outside normal hours using whatever means are available to fill calls and place registrants. Dispatch will remain open until all unfilled calls are filled.

3.  Calls (Regular and Short Calls) – A short call is one that lasts forty hours or less.  If a regular call happens to last forty hours or less, and, through no fault of your own, you are laid off, you will be returned to your original position on the books as long as you, in no way, solicited a lay-off.

4.  Monthly Re-Sign – To remain on the out-of-work list, you must re-sign once each month during the tenth (10th) through the sixteenth (16th) of that month by one of the following four methods:  1) In person at 5200 Midland Road, Billings, MT 59101, or  2)  By postcard to IBEW LU 532, P.O. Box 80005, Billings, MT 59108, or  3) By fax (406) 248-9952, or  4) by email to mail to:  office@ibew532.com    Resigns will require the following information:  Name, address, home local #, and IBEW card #.  Or if not a union member, a driver’s license or government approved ID.  *Anyone who wishes to remove his or her name from the out of work list must do so in writing, by fax, or in person.

*Referral procedures and rules shall be at the sole discretion of the Business Manager, as per IBEW Local 532 By-Laws and respective Collective Bargaining Agreements.  Any change in the above procedures or rules, when posted, shall automatically become a part of this document.

*It shall be the funtion of the Appeals Committee to consider any complaint of any employee or applicant for employment arising out of the administration of these rules of the respective Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Once an applicant qualifies for, requests and is granted Group I status in any local union, he shall retain the status in the local union and shall not be required to requalify unless he qualifies for, requests and is granted Group I status in another local union. If that situation occurs, the applicant would have to re-qualify for Group I status in any previous local union(s) in which he enjoyed Group I status.

*Discharge for Cause:  Individuals who receive two discharges for cause within a twelve month period shall be suspended from future referral privileges until they appear before the Appeals Committee for a determination as to their continued eligibility for referral.