Training/Jry Upgrade Classes



 2018-2020 Classes: We are starting to get some classes together, see below.

Bozeman: March 9th: 4hrs Battery Storage; 4hrs NEC Applications-                                                        8hrs Code  This class was completed with 9 members                                                attending. Thank you guys



Billings: Jan. 19th 2019: History of Labor Relations- 8hrs Industry                             This class was a success. It was very informative.

                 Feb 16th 2019: 4hrs Battery Storage; 4hrs NEC Applications-                                        8hrs Code. Another class completed. Thank you for those                                       who attended.

                 March 30th: Electricity 101- 8hrs Code.This class has been                                                               cancelled. We didn’t have enough interest.

                 April 13th:  Significant Code Changes Part 1- 8hrs Code. Another                                              class completed.We had 9 members attend and it was                                              very informative. Thank you for those in attendance.

     April 19th & 20th Masters prep class. We are starting the class on                                                         Friday evening at 5:30 pm and go 3 or 4 hrs.                                                                 Then all day Saturday starting at 8 am. This class                                                       is good for 8 hrs Code CEU’s. This class was well                                                       received, having 10 members working towards                                                           their Masters. Thank you to the members who came. 

                 May 11th: Fire Alarm- 8hrs Code. This class has been cancelled do to lack of interest.